Sunday, January 16, 2011

Marsha Ambrosius' "Far Away" Music Video - Loving the Lids!

Marsha is doing her Thang when it comes to catching people's attention for her new solo album project, "Late Nights, Early Mornings". But, being different, and doing it well is apart of her M.O. 
In her new video, "Far Away" she comes out with a banging new look, and her stand out makeup capitalized on this point.

I am LOVING her eyelid art! Not only is she bold with words on her eyes, but the message in her video gives her the power to champion this bold look. Dopeness!

As with fashion, not everything you see on the runway will translate well in every environment, but let me tell you, I am in the lab creating a reason to pull this off. The first person I see on the street with the lid-look I will post it immediately on my blog. 

I welcome everyone to post your version of this look, or a picture of someone with it. 

Friday, January 14, 2011

Gym time-To Work up a Sweat, or To Work up a Man?

For the savvy business-minded gal - we know that an opportunity can come knocking anywhere. The gym is no exception to rule out showing your best self. I am guilty of having a few "gym crushes", that lead me to make decisions, like, "should I wear the fruit smelling lip balm?" Who knows, my "crush" may come over to ask if I'm done with the 5lbs. weight. I need to be ready for these things.

On the other hand, there are a few ladies that come to the gym extra thirsty-and you can tell. Please read on to avoid being a #fitnessfail. Watch the video link above for some funny "Fitness No-No's"

1. Avoid wearing mascara during cardio - whether is it "waterproof" or not - you will sweat, and rub your face, causing black streaks down your cheeks.

2. Remove foundation before your workout - the point is to sweat. There is nothing more gross than seeing a brown towel full of foundation. Some people may not think far enough to consider it is foundation makeup and write-you off to be the "dirty girl" of the gym. 

3. Highly pigmented lipstick - It screams, "I'm here to catch a man, and not work out". You will automatically be put on the "bait" list for the gym scavengers. 

All in all, men consider it highly-attractive to fit the part in wearing proper gym attire. You will gain true gym friends quickly and find a support group for those times that you do not want to go in.

Keep it Cute!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Hermosa Beach Pier in the Winter

I've taken a survey, from women and men. I even surveyed different perspectives from local, and newbies. The consensus say that Hermosa Beach is for the "rich, beautiful, or athletic". I'm assuming that if you identify with either of these categories - you'll find a fun group of friends for the season. It is "chill" in the sense that you can fit in with a gag t-shirt, hoodie, jeans, and flip flops. It's all about attitude and an open mind.

Truth be told, the common denominator with each group is confidence. It doesn't matter what kind of makeup that you have on. The more simple, the better. Let your natural beauty shine through!
Be sure to visit the link above to get a run down of the bars to visit. There is something for everyone. 

Friday, January 7, 2011

Pretty Girl Rock - Video Captures Female Legends of the Era

Happy New Year Beau-terflys!

With the topic being about perfect looks for at the right time, its only best to start the first post highlighting Keri Hilson's new single, "Pretty Girl Rock". The music video features scenes of legendary women of each  era. Faithful Wikipedia reveals,
Kerri Hilson's 2010 "Pretty Girl Rock" Video
 "20s jazz singer, Josephine Baker, and then into film star Dorothy Dandridge.[27] It then switches to color when Hilson shows up as '40s girl group The Andrews Sisters, followed by scenes of her portraying Diana Ross as a member of The SupremesDonna Summer, "Rhythm Nation"-era Janet Jackson and lastly, a silk pajama-wearing T-Boz in TLC's "Creep" video.[27] At the end of the video, it shows Hilson portraying herself, dressed in a simple T-shirt and jeans.
To be honest, the last "era" threw me completely off. I had no idea that she was depicting actual people - until I saw the "T-Boz", and then, the last shot had no defining look. 

What is the look for 2000s? Honestly, nothing in this decade comes to my first mind. I feel like there were a lot of throw backs, in clothing, and makeup. 
What do you think?