Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Va-vavoom

Valentine 2011 fell over a looong weekend. As a single-bingo, I took the opportunity to do a makeup look on a married friend. I was interested in hearing the critique from her husband, because let's face it- 10 years of being a couple does give him more freedom to speak frankly about what he likes on his woman. The only thing he pointed out was.....The lashes!
Hubby pointed out, "This is the most natural lash look that she has had....I like it". 
Her comment, "Very gentle!"

I am obsessed with lashes because they open a woman's face, and is the quickest way to change a look from busted to beautiful. I live in a Los Angeles, where women line up to get individual eye lashes that end up looking like a sick fish fin; spiky, and awkward looking.

My objective when doing makeup is to peak up this question: "Is she born with it? Maybe it's....."
Also, a beauty service is supposed to be relaxing, not abusive, and nerve racking.

Kim K is known for her lush lashes
Jennifer Lopez Starlet look