Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Caught Between the Two

You start letting yourself fall for him, and he happens to like your hair curly. You then run into an hot old flame and he likes your hair straight. What do you do?

You do the heck what you want to do. It's no secret that 2011 is the year for focus, and self preservation. He's going to love the attitude that comes along with the no non-sensed, confidence. You go ahead and continue to be you while you let both guys show which one is best for you.

I was once told by a wise, and lovely cousin. "Just sit back and watch, they always will tell what they're about".

Makeup dating tip:
Switch up your look. Keep him guessing. They always want what they can't have. Just when he thinks he's got you figured out, switch up your look from "Beachy Babe" to "Girl Next Door". Your soft look, and doe lashes will have him soft on you and will begin to open his heart.

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