Friday, January 14, 2011

Gym time-To Work up a Sweat, or To Work up a Man?

For the savvy business-minded gal - we know that an opportunity can come knocking anywhere. The gym is no exception to rule out showing your best self. I am guilty of having a few "gym crushes", that lead me to make decisions, like, "should I wear the fruit smelling lip balm?" Who knows, my "crush" may come over to ask if I'm done with the 5lbs. weight. I need to be ready for these things.

On the other hand, there are a few ladies that come to the gym extra thirsty-and you can tell. Please read on to avoid being a #fitnessfail. Watch the video link above for some funny "Fitness No-No's"

1. Avoid wearing mascara during cardio - whether is it "waterproof" or not - you will sweat, and rub your face, causing black streaks down your cheeks.

2. Remove foundation before your workout - the point is to sweat. There is nothing more gross than seeing a brown towel full of foundation. Some people may not think far enough to consider it is foundation makeup and write-you off to be the "dirty girl" of the gym. 

3. Highly pigmented lipstick - It screams, "I'm here to catch a man, and not work out". You will automatically be put on the "bait" list for the gym scavengers. 

All in all, men consider it highly-attractive to fit the part in wearing proper gym attire. You will gain true gym friends quickly and find a support group for those times that you do not want to go in.

Keep it Cute!

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