Friday, January 7, 2011

Pretty Girl Rock - Video Captures Female Legends of the Era

Happy New Year Beau-terflys!

With the topic being about perfect looks for at the right time, its only best to start the first post highlighting Keri Hilson's new single, "Pretty Girl Rock". The music video features scenes of legendary women of each  era. Faithful Wikipedia reveals,
Kerri Hilson's 2010 "Pretty Girl Rock" Video
 "20s jazz singer, Josephine Baker, and then into film star Dorothy Dandridge.[27] It then switches to color when Hilson shows up as '40s girl group The Andrews Sisters, followed by scenes of her portraying Diana Ross as a member of The SupremesDonna Summer, "Rhythm Nation"-era Janet Jackson and lastly, a silk pajama-wearing T-Boz in TLC's "Creep" video.[27] At the end of the video, it shows Hilson portraying herself, dressed in a simple T-shirt and jeans.
To be honest, the last "era" threw me completely off. I had no idea that she was depicting actual people - until I saw the "T-Boz", and then, the last shot had no defining look. 

What is the look for 2000s? Honestly, nothing in this decade comes to my first mind. I feel like there were a lot of throw backs, in clothing, and makeup. 
What do you think? 

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